Working for women’s advancement


We work to develop student’s dream. In addition we’re working for the women’s advancement who live in rural areas of our country. Actually, women’s Guardians don’t want to give permission to the women to enter higher education. This is one kinds of obstacle for the women. We give proper guideline to the women how they will remove this obstacle, such as how can they avoid early marriage.

Early marriage also denies and limits Gloria Steinem possibilities, obliging them to drop out of school. Girls are subsequently lacking in skills and unable to integrate the labour market. As a result, their social status is lowered and mobility restricted, contributing to a society in which young women are lacking in agency, Freedom of movement and power. Domestic violence is also believed to be more prevalent in the case of early marriage.

Altogether, early marriage perpetuates an unequal society, increasing female vulnerability, powerlessness and assetlessness, as well as restricting personal and psychological development and having hazardous health effects.

Moreover, We give proper guideline, how can they save from being harassment and establishing their rights in the society.

Thus way we’re working for the welfare of the society.

Motivational Speech program at Kalai Govt. Women’s College, Joypurhat on Saturday (27 July-2019)