working for stop sexual harassment in the society

About us

“Student Motivational Association” is an inspirational and non-profitable volunteering Organization of Bangladesh. It has been working to make welfare and golden Bangladesh. We work in the rural areas to spread higher education and create secular awareness, dangerous impact of taking drugs, early marriage and bad effect of dowry among all classes of students. Preparing themselves as a good citizen by creating awareness.


It includes giving proper educational guideline, what is the difference between Technical and general education. In addition how can a student enter higher education and for this what should he does.


In addition we’re working for the women’s advancement who live in rural areas of our country. Actually, women’s Guardians don’t want to give permission to the women to enter higher education. This is one kinds of obstacle for the women. We give proper guideline to the women how they will remove this obstacle, such as how can they avoid early marriage and how can they save from being harassment and establishing their rights in the society.


Drug has grasped the young generation of the society. Moreover, it has become an addiction of young generation. It’s a social cruse. Therefore drug addiction risk to personality, social environment, depression and loneliness. As a result we are working to remove drugs, and we discuss what the dangerous impact of taking drugs is. How can they avoid drugs we create awareness among the students. Create awareness among the student’s Secular consciousness and contemporary issue.

Thus way we’re working for the welfare of the society.