Drug and early marriage abuse conference

Drug has grasped the young generation of the society. Moreover, it has become an addiction of young generation. it’s a social cruse. Therefore drug addiction risk to personality, social environment, depression and loneliness. Young people abuse drugs due to complex social and peer groups influence, frustration, depression, curiosity, sub-cultural and psychological environment that induce the youths to take drugs. Major risk factors responsible for drug abuse are family disorganization, parental neglect, parent-child conflict, loss of spouse strife, in discipline, isolation, lack of emotional support, rejection of love, over protection, unemployment, repeated failure and personality mal adjustment and easy availability of drugs.

As a result we are working to remove drugs, And we discuss what is the dangerous impact of taking drugs. how can they avoid drugs we create awareness among the students.

early marriage

Early marriage is a another social cruse of society. it has become an obstacle to the women’s advancement. Primarily, girls that marry young experience intense pressure to become pregnant. For example, in Bangladesh an estimated third of all teenage girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are mothers or pregnant. Early pregnancy is known to involve considerable health risks. Firstly, for younger mothers who are still in the process of maturation, Maternal Mortality rates are much higher. Teen Mothers are twice as likely as older mothers to die during childbirth. Secondly, for babies born to mothers younger than 14, it is 50% more likely for the baby to die than if born to a mother over 20 years of age. In that case, mother’s death and children’s death are increasing. On the other hand, women can’t play role for welfare of families and societies.

We create awareness through the women to become careful about early marriage.

Motivational Speech program at Bil Haloti Trimohoni Hon’s College,Natore on Wednesday (January 08,2020)